Dr. joel kaplan deluxe hand pump with gauge – bulk


The corner stone of Dr. Kaplan's Hand Pump Systems, the Deluxe Hand Pump with Gauge is a hand-operated, light-weight, heavy duty vacuum pump with a pressure release valve at your fingertips. Includes: deluxe hand pump, pressure gauge, and tubing. Works with all of Dr. Joel Kaplan's systems and cylinders. The Deluxe Hand Pump is convenient for travel or at times when an electric pump would not be practical. For permanent increase in penis length, penis girth and scrotal enlargement. This is a NEW item that is not in retail packaging, usually a plain box, wrapped in plastic or a poly bag.

Bulk Packaging: This item is not in retail packaging. It is usually in a plain box, wrapped in plastic or in a poly bag. The item is new and untouched.

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