Screaming O Tri O Triple Ring Assorted Color


The Tri O takes dual action vibrating rings to the next level with not 1, not 2 but 3 separate accessories for ultimate pleasure sensations for him and her. A super powered top motor stimulates her clitoris and a separate bottom motor gently tingles his nether regions, while an additional “Baller” attachment comfortably fits around his testicles to send the buzzing sensation around the boys for some extra special TLC. Plus, under the Baller ring is a special taint tickler that sends subtle vibration to the sensitive spot many couples forget to touch! All 3 stimulation accessories, combined with the erection enhancing power of the one size fits all cock ring, make the Tri O the ultimate couples cockring. Three’s not a crowd anymore! Triple-Action Sensations for Him, Her and Even for the boys. The Tri O lets couples triple their sensation with three distinct accessories that stimulate his and her pleasure zones all together. The baller attachment to give the boys special action.  A specially designed super stretchy baller ring fits comfortably around the testicles to send powerful vibration throughout his entire package. Vibrating bullet with tingling pleasure bumps for her.  Tickling textures help send her into intimate ecstasy! Dual super powered motors turn him into a long lasting human vibrator.  Two separate powerful micro bullets vibrate together or separately for his and her ultimate stimulation. Super stretchy gel band keeps him erect and harder longer.  The Tri O features the one size fits mostl erection band made famous by the award winning BigO cockring, giving him the hard, full and long-lasting erection he needs to keep her cumming! Taint-tickling accessory offers extra tingling sensation.  A small taint tickler sits at the bottom of the baller ring, a direct contact point that sends subtle tingling sensations to the sensitive spot so often forgotten! Two easy on/off switches for custom control.  Use one motor at a time or turn both on for a full-blown vibration sensation that will take couples to new levels of intimacy. Available in Three Fun Colors: Purple, Blue and Clear/White random colors.  

*Please Note: This in an individual item. Upon shipment, you will receive the quantity specified in your order. This product number does not reflect all three items pictured. Photographs containing all three variations of this product are used for the sole purpose of showing the consumer all colors available.

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